About Central Coast Car Market

The “Central Coast Car Market” has been organized to provide a safe option for those who want to sell their motor vehicles, caravans, boats, etc. privately. To park your vehicle, caravan etc. on the side of the road for sale does leave the item parked at risk of damage. 

Central Coast Car Market Team MeetingThe option to have a website for local people, as well as those from other areas to use should prove a plus for this section of the community.

The Chamber has noticed that the side of our roads and verges are more than ever becoming roadside sale’s lots and most certainly does not provide an image that should be encouraged on our Central Coast.

In 2016 the Chamber started working on setting up the “Central Coast Car Market”. The Chamber identified that all groups, associations and especially Chambers of Commerce need funds to grow their business.

The need to look after the members, businesses, community and the area, costs and the income from membership and functions needs to be bolstered so that the efficiencies and successes of the past can be maintained.

We have launched the business which has a website where people will be able to sell their own items privately on the Central Coast and not incur any fines from the various parking authorities.

On the second and fourth Saturday of each month. Those who want to display their vehicles to prospective buyers will be able to do so.

The business is called the “Central Coast Car Market” with the venue for the Market Days being in the carpark of the Zenith Business Centre which is situated at 6 Reliance Drive, Tuggerah Business Park NSW 2259.

Since 1925 the “Wyong Regional Chamber of Commerce” has most certainly played its part in the growth, business and community of the Greater Wyong Area and will still play its part into the Central Coast Council’s future.

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